BANC3's X1 Augmented Reality (AR) Smart Glasses are a new and innovative tool to help achieve unprecedented efficiencies for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms. This product comes complete and ready to use right out of the box with integrated hardware and software.

  • Consult real-time with remote experts while showing live point-of-view of a remote user wearing the Smart Glasses and send annotated digital info.  
  • Superimpose computer-generated images created in CAD or BIM onto a user's view of the real-world to show the designs to their clients as they would appear in their proposed sites. 

Site surveys and inspections often stretch engineering and construction personnel resources to the breaking point, especially in areas where job sites are separated by large distances. BANC3 offers a totally integrated hardware/software enterprise and Augmented Reality (AR) solution that allows a construction manager to visit all of their sites in a single-day without leaving their office. Anyone on-site wearing our AR headset and running the AR construction app can connect to the construction manager and then do a walk-through of the site, sharing the first-person point of view video with the construction manager. 

Additionally, Microstation and AutoCAD drawings can be projected into the field of view to allow accurate comparison between design and as-built drawings. The hands-free/heads-up orientation of our AR solution promotes safety on the job site.