BANC3 Awarded Air Force Contract for Helmet Augmented Display for Extended-Reality System (HADES) for Training & Mission Rehearsal

February 2023 – BANC3, Inc., an augmented reality (AR) & mixed reality (MR) technology pioneer and leading provider of complete end-to-end digital ecosystems of AR/MR solutions, is pleased to announce it has been awarded a Direct to Phase II SBIR for the US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC). 

BANC3's solution for AFSOC will include an augmented and mixed reality headset leveraging demonstrated strengths of the existing & commercialized AR/MR headset technology via partner ThirdEye Gen, but with significant enhancements and customizations tailor-made to meet AFSOC training and mission rehearsal needs as part of an interconnected extended reality environment. BANC3's solution fills a critical hole in AR solutions that standalone AR headsets cannot fill by providing a large multi-room reconfigurable & interconnected multi-person extended reality training environment with trackable results and repeatable sessions.

BANC3 is headquartered in Princeton, NJ. BANC3 has been a leading developer in Augmented Reality hardware and software for over 10 years and has experience supporting government & military customers for over 20 years. BANC3, Inc., together with their partner for commercial & enterprise markets, ThirdEye Gen, Inc., designed & developed the X2 Mixed Reality Smartglasses, which has achieved commercial success for a wide variety of customers that include US DoD & other government agencies, health systems, oil & gas / other industry, telecom providers, and educational institutions. For more information about BANC3 & ThirdEye, please visit and and contact us.