BANC3 is leveraging Augmented Reality technology to further push the boundaries of Unmanned Systems, including:

Working to deliver an AR solution that provides enhanced situational awareness to small tactical unmanned air systems (STUAS) ground station operators using a helmet-mounted, see-through display that provides tactical data overlaid on the user's real-world view. Our solution leverages significant work currently being performed for the US Army NVESD on the Soldier Visual Information Technology (SVIT) program. By accessing data from the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) and the ground station, our AR solution will dynamically provide relevant information to the ground station personnel, enhancing their situational awareness in a minimally obtrusive manner allowing the operator to have head up and hands free while staying focused on their mission. Our solution significantly improves the user interface for the ground station operators through enhanced data visualization, gesture controls, and audio commands. These features optimize operator performance especially when workload is maximized such as when the UAS enters a GPS-denied environment. BANC3's unique experience and in-depth understanding of AR technology allows us to deliver a substantive capability to enhance this field. 

 Simulated view through AR headset showing compass, elevation, timer, clock, radio, sensor payload status, UAS position, network connection, and power