Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Instantaneous bandwidth of up to 1 GHz with 14-bit, 3 GSPS digitization for > 60 dB dynamic range
  • Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (DIFM) process uses correlator array with variable time delays and amplitude detector to generate pulse descriptor words quantifying frequency, amplitude, pulse width and TOA on each pulse down to 80 ns
  • Real Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) process uses pipelined FFT architecture with 50% overlap to generate frequency spectra data continuously 
  • Simultaneous Signal Detection (SSD) from RTSA to identify and flag possible error condition in DIFM
  • Data Process collects and reduces PDWs from the DIFM and spectra from the RTSA to create sorted PDW groups, max-hold spectrum, and average spectrum over 100 ms integration period for transmit over UDP network interface to software application 
Hybrid Receiver Card

High-speed ADC card featuring four (4) RF channels, 10 MHz external reference, variable gain amplifiers for input signal level adjustment, digitization rate up to 3 GSPS, and 100 Gb/s fiber optic interfaces


Receiver Card

Digital Receiver card featuring four (4) channels, 100 Gb/s fiber optic interfaces, dual FPGAs, and triple speed ethernet interface