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BANC3 specializes in the design and development of RF spectrum monitoring systems with extremely wide RF instantaneous bandwidth (IBW). Our system architecture focuses on RF and digital channelization coupled with parallel real-time processing in both the frequency and time domains to create a continuous stream of content rich data that accurately characterizes the RF spectrum. Our systems stand apart from the traditional narrow band systems using swept tuners to offer the user the best solution for detection of transient, short duration RF events by channelizing, digitizing, and processing the entire RF bandwidth continuously. When capturing every pulse with 100% probability of intercept (POI) is your mission … BANC3 has your RF spectrum monitoring solution.

BANC3's RF spectrum monitoring systems are modular and configurable to scale as your mission grows. Our TrueSignalDetect digital receivers in combination with our unique channelizers that divide, filter, and downconvert the RF bandwidth for digitization provide coverage from 10 MHz to 18 GHz. The system provides a complete solution including antenna, receiver, and software in a ruggedized form factor making it a good choice for long-term deployments in challenging environmental conditions. Our system continues to evolve with configurations to cover up to 50 GHz currently in development.  

Key features of the system
  • No scanning the band or tuning required … the entire RF bandwidth is processed simultaneously and continuously
  • Fiber optic interface allows separation of up to 10 km between antenna and receiver
  • Client-server architecture provides system access to multiple remote users simultaneously
  • Intuitive Windows based GUI can run on any laptop and provides detailed signal analysis displays
  • All signal intercepts are logged and archived for post mission analysis
  • Signal alarm utility notifies user when signals of interest is intercepted
  • Enhancements for direction finding and extending frequency to 50 GHz are available  

Block Diagram

System Components

Software App - RF Signal Processing

Automated DF

System Specifications

Applications and Missions

BANC3 is taking RF data visualization to the next level with Augmented Reality (AR). Heads up displays now present geo-referenced spectral data and signal tracks in your field of view. Perform an RF survey using our TrueSignalDetect receiver and view the data in real-time integrated with your surroundings. No more going heads down to correlate emitter data with 2D maps. We are working in concert with ThirdEye to harness the power of AR visualization. Read more…

The RF Systems team at BANC3 is eager to work with you on customizing our RF spectrum monitoring solution to maximize its effectiveness for your mission. Our modular system architecture is easily adapted to address a wide range of requirements. We have the resources in place to tailor the electrical, mechanical, RF and software components to fully satisfy your needs. 

For information on Banc3's leveraging of Intel Stratix® 10 FPGAs look at the Wide Instantaneous Bandwidth Digital RF Spectrum Monitoring whitepaper

Please contact us at to set up a demonstration, request more detailed information, or ask for a quote.

rfsystems@banc3.com or 609-759-1900 x 208