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BANC3 is leading the way in the design and development of extremely wide instantaneous bandwidth digital receiver systems with our new TrueSignalDetect product line. Our novel receiver systems leverage parallel channel architectures that ensure 100% probability of intercept over instantaneous RF bandwidths up to 18 GHz. Each channel in the system is processed with BANC3's Hybrid Digital Receiver, providing a Real Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) and a Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (DIFM) receiver to provide both spectral and pulse descriptor word (PDW) data continuously to measure all RF events even in today's most challenging RF environments. The systems include miniature integrated RF front ends, high-speed fiber optic interfaces, and ruggedized assemblies that facilitate deployment in constrained size, weight, and power environments. Standard network interfaces simplify integration with other systems and our client-server software applications provide intuitive, content rich analysis of the RF signal environment.

The TrueSignalDetect real-time processing provides automatic signal detection. The RTSA/DIFM data streams are processed and reduced in real-time and transferred to the software application for signal tracking and data display. User programmable alarms allow signals to be classified in frequency and amplitude with audio/visual alerts issued upon threat signal recognition. Automated modulation recognition for AM, FM, and PM signals ensures today's complex waveforms can be correctly segregated. Detailed log files for signals and system diagnostic data are collected and stored continuously to support post mission analysis.

The TrueSignalDetect team at BANC3 works diligently to improve and expand our understanding of today's RF spectrum monitoring requirements and we are committed to working with the RF spectrum user community to provide high quality and cost-effective solutions that exceed their expectations. Our modular architecture can be customized and configured to satisfy a wide variety of missions and scales to fit your budget. When high probability of intercept in complex RF environments is your mission, BANC3 has a system to meet your requirements.


Block Diagram

Block Diagram

TrueSignalDetect is modular and configurable to meet your demanding mission requirements while allowing you to stay within your budget. Our modular receiver architecture can provide 1 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth (IBW) up to 18 GHz IBW. Variable attenuators and low noise amplifiers provide adjustment to optimize the sensitivity and dynamic range of the receiver. Multiple receiver units can be networked to provide seamless coverage over much wider RF bandwidths. We offer RF conversion modules to block downconvert higher frequencies from 18 GHz to 50 GHz for processing by the digital receiver.


BANC3's True Signal Detect (TSD) digital receiver provides outstanding probability of intercept (POI). In this video of our WatchTower user interface software, a TSD receiver is monitoring 1.5 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth covering 3.0 to 4.5 GHz. A persistent frequency modulated signal at 3420 +/- 20 MHz is present, while a second low probability of intercept (LPI) signal at 4050 MHz including just one 100 ns pulse every 2 seconds is also transmitted. Our TSD receiver detects every pulse while maintaining the track on the FM signal

BANC3's WatchTower software app reports the data in both spectral and pulse descriptor word (PDW) formats. A full bandwidth spectrum analyzer display with both persistent max-hold and instantaneous traces is used in conjunction with a spectrogram waterfall. Two detailed spectrum displays highlight each of the signals of interest. A signal list provides key pulse train parameters while the spectrograph provides a digital frequency display. A detailed log file of all the data is being recorded to disk for post mission analysis.

Download a TSD-1000 Datasheet.

Our TrueSignalDetect systems are readily adapted for multiple RF monitoring missions. The software defined receiver (SDRX) at the core of the TrueSignalDetect provides a low size, weight, and power (SWaP) solution for persistent surveillance in austere environments. 

Our TSD-2000 configuration is designed for ELINT missions on tethered aerostats. The system intercepts and processes signals from 0.5-18 GHz and includes a lightweight antenna array, miniature microwave tuner, dual ADCs with 1 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth, and a 100G fiber optic link to transport the high-speed data to the ground control station. The ELINT processor at the ground control station, including the SDRX common to all our TrueSignalDetect products, uses the hybrid receiver (RTSA/DIFM) to process signals in real-time. The WatchTower software suite analyzes the SDRX data to generate detailed ELINT data for the system operator. Additional extensions to the WatchTower software support direction finding (DF) on signals of interest and geo-location when multiple TrueSignalDetect equipped aerostats are deployed. Variable configurations are supported to meet the requirements of multiple platforms and missions. Please contact us with your requirements.    

TSD-2000 System Architecture

Download a TSD-2000 Datasheet.

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