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The United States recognizes the strategic importance of space by establishing a separate Space Force in 2019 to conduct global space operations that enhance the way our joint and coalition forces fight, while also offering decision makers military options to achieve national objectives. Notable financial firms, such as Morgan Stanley, have predicted that the increased Government spending in space will accelerate not only the aerospace and defense business area but also the private sector with the global space industry projected to generate revenue of $1 trillion in 2040.

BANC3 is proud to support payload launch operations for the US military. Our RF Spectrum Monitoring systems play an important role in ensuring that critical satellite payloads remain mission ready during launch operations. For more details on the system and program, refer to RF Spectrum Monitoring  and Production Contract Press Release.  

Our work supporting payload launch operations has resulted in significant technical growth and process improvement at BANC3. The technical accomplishments go far beyond the core digital receiver technology, including implementing high-speed fiber optic communications to transport digitized RF signals over distances up to 10 km, developing detailed diagnostics for real-time system health status monitoring, integrating highly reliable software for 24/7/365 operations, and designing mechanical components to meet the very challenging environmental conditions of the launch site. Recognizing the mission critical nature of payload launch operations, our staff continually strives to improve our engineering process by gaining significant experience with mechanical Finite Element Analysis (FEA), RF system modeling, acceptance test procedure development, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) testing, and extended duration testing.

In support of recent system production runs, BANC3 worked diligently to meet aggressive delivery milestones driven by payload launch schedules. We established and continue to maintain excellent working relationships with a myriad of technology vendors from component suppliers, board layout houses, PCB manufacturers, custom RF designers, and many others. Our staff gained valuable insight on developing clear and concise specifications and meaningful unit tests to maximize component yield and minimize rework. Our enhanced quality assurance (QA) process improved the reliability and repeatability of the systems enabling on-time delivery of fully documented systems with little to no changes required. A proactive program management process, emphasizing accurate status assessment and timely communications within the organization, ensured the production ran within budget.

The team at BANC3 is excited to continue working with space systems, ensuring that our technical expertise and engineering process will evolve providing a competitive advantage for us that can yield significant benefit to our customers in space programs and other markets. We look forward to business opportunities to expand into the private sector space industry. Our real-world experience with space systems demonstrates that BANC3 can succeed in the most technically challenging markets to fully satisfy our customers' expectations on capability, budget and schedule.

Please contact us to discuss your program requirements or request more detailed information.

rfsystems@banc3.com or 609-759-1900 x 208